Product Color Swatches Changelog

September, 2023

  • Added setting to display selected swatch first in collections

August, 2023

  • Added support for localized product handles and titles
  • Added image with text swatches support

July, 2023

  • Allow to enable/disable collection swatches widget in settings
  • Added collection widget to "Widget settings" section

June, 2023

  • Rebuild collection swatches widget with Storefront API
  • Added autocomplete for swatch colors
  • Added image fit appearance setting
  • Added spacing settings for collection swatches
  • Added mobile/desktop alignment settings
  • Added setting to hide pills on collection page
  • Allow negative margins in appearance settings
  • Added aria-label attribute for swatches to improve accessibility

May, 2023

  • Added collection appearance settings
  • Added position field to CSV import/export
  • Do not reupload images with same URL in CSV import

March, 2023

  • Added product swatches app embed
  • Added separate style setting for pill swatches

February, 2023

  • Added multiple groups support

December, 2022

  • Added collection swatches app embed
  • Added swatches limit in collection widget
  • Added out-of-stock handling

September, 2022

  • Change metafields namespace to "pl_swatches"

August, 2022

  • Added groups CSV export
  • Added pills swatches support
  • Added default option name setting

July, 2022

  • Added large swatch size and rounded style
  • Added groups CSV import
  • Added groups management via collections

May, 2022

  • Allow to hide swatches label
  • Auto-update product data via webhooks

April, 2022

  • Hide swatches for product duplicates

March, 2022

  • Auto-hide unpublished products
  • Added product image swatches support

November, 2021

  • Allow to disable swatches widget
  • Added API for groups management
  • Allow to hide and remove inactive products
  • Added Pro plan for advanced features
  • Added custom CSS support

October, 2021

  • Added pagination to groups list

September, 2021

  • Initial app release